The ideal skincare packaging would arguably be a sustainably sourced fully home compostable product, but unfortunately this is not reality yet!  The alternative has been to make informed decisions about our packaging choices, with the intention of minimising our environmental impact. 

When considering the environmental impact of our packaging choices, we have tried to look more broadly than simply the product itself.  We have considered things such as how the packaging material itself is sourced, what manufacturing processes have been implemented, how the product will travel, as well as what will happen to the product once our customers have finished with it.  This is a challenging balance, as certainly there have been impressive gains in the sourcing of packaging materials, but unfortunately the final products of these processes are currently not recyclable and end up in landfill, which counteracts any benefits of choosing this option.

For this reason, we have made the decision that currently the best option for us is to use post consumer recycled plastic where ever possible and where that isn’t possible, to use recyclable plastics.  This means we are giving new life to previously used plastics, which can then go on to be recycled again.  We do however watch the bioplastics space with interest and hope for the ideal home compostable option in the future. 

If you are interested in the research we did to guide this decision making, check out of blog on ‘skin care packaging – the hidden decisions’