About SBK

Welcome to SBK! 

SBK is an intentionally formulated skincare brand that began from the desire to create evidence-driven skincare products that are inclusive for sensitive skin, without the exorbitant price tag.  

Intentionally formulated means that our formulations are meticulously developed; every included ingredient has a justifiable role and chosen concentrations are guided by evidence.  We also exclude ingredients that have a known potential to cause irritation.  For that reason, our entire range is fragrance free, including essential oils.

The guiding philosophy behind SBK is that skincare should be first and foremost - kind to our skin.  This resulted in the development of our Foundation line, which includes products we recommend you use twice a day, every day.  These products are rich in skin soothing ingredients, aimed at caring for your skin, and will be the foundation of your skincare routine. 

Once your skincare foundation is in place, you are ready to add in other products depending on your skin type and concerns.  

We hope you fall in love with our range of products as much as we have loved developing them for you. 

Kara xox

About me:

Practicing Australian Medical doctor
Chemistry PhD 
Sensitive skin sufferer and skin care obsessed
Strong believer that skin care should be fun, realistic and accessible.