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Every creation needs a solid foundation. 

When it comes to achieving skin care results, the routine is as important as the products we choose to use. Our philosophy of skin care starts with the belief that all skin care concerns are addressed initially by creating a foundation of caring for your skin. Whether you want to target aging signs, acne or even sooth sensitivity, it all begins with creating a routine of cleansing and moisturising your skin.
We encourage you to adopt a foundation regime aimed at nurturing and caring for your skin. Then introduce additional products that you sub in and out of your routine depending on your skin type, condition and desired outcome – but your foundation routine always stays the same. It is a constant – always being kind to your skin.
You should complete your foundation routine twice a day. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or intrusive, it just needs to be regular.

2-step morning routine

No one has time for drama in the mornings. Keep it simple

Step 1: Cream Cleanser

If you are really pushed for time, this can be done in the shower! The purpose here is to remove any heavy balms from over night, but to also refresh your skin so it can benefit from your moisturiser.

Take 2-3 pumps of the cream cleanser and massage into your skin. Ideally you want 20-30 seconds of massaging as with your night time routine, but hey, most of us hit snooze more than we should in the morning, so even a 5 second cleanse is worth it. Rinse with warm water and PAT your skin dry.

Step 2: Moisturiser
Whether you cleanse in the shower or at the basin, make sure you apply your moisturiser while your skin is still damp.

Take 2-3 pumps of moisturiser and massage into your skin, including your eye area. Don’t forget your neck.

ALSO – WEAR SUNSCREEN! 50+, every day. No exceptions.

Apply make up next, if wearing.

The 3-step evening foundation routine:

The self-care time we all need more of. You don’t need to commit to a 10 step Korean inspired skincare ritual every night, but even a 5 min routine where you spend time on yourself is monumentally beneficial, beyond your skin.

Step One: Oil cleanser

Oil cleansers are an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin. Although it may sound total BS to clean your skin with oil, it is actually a highly effective way of removing makeup and sunscreen without over-stripping your skin. Yep, chuck out all your make-up removers, micellar waters, and make-up removing wipes; chances are they were not that kind to your skin anyway!

How to Use:

Pump out 2-3 pumps into the palm of your hand and then gently massage all over your DRY face for a good 20-30 seconds. Ensure you include your eyes and lips if you had make-up on these areas. Then rinse well with warm water. Move on to step 2 without drying your face.

The oil emulsifies when water is added, giving a creamy texture that is easily rinsed away. You should not experience any sensitivity, nor be left with stripped skin, but your make-up and sunscreen will be effectively removed.

Step Two: Cream cleanser

Having cleaned off any make-up and/or sunscreen residue, you are ready to cleanse your skin. This step is more about targeting the skin itself (as opposed to removing the products you put on your skin as in step 1 above). For people with sensitive skin, this can often be an inadvertent damaging step: you think you are looking after your skin by washing it, but depending on your chosen products and process, you can actually be making it far far worse!

From a product perspective, you want a product that is gentle. This includes the choices of surfactants and emulsifiers, but also other ingredients that can hydrate and sooth your skin when you apply water – which can actually be irritating in itself for some skin. You also do not want any ingredients that can irritate your skin – so stay well away from any fragrances. You also want to avoid using any ‘tools’ – no cleansing bushes or wipes. Just use your hands. The other mistake is when you dry your face after cleansing. Choose a soft towel – bamboo is a wonderful choice – and just PAT your skin; don’t rub. Leave your skin slightly damp and apply your next product straight away. This is a key step. I am not kidding. Over drying your skin can perpetuate irritation and by leaving your skin damp, you are giving your next products a sneaky advantage!

How to use:

With our gentle facial cream cleanser, place 2-3 pumps of product into the palm of your hand and massage onto your DAMP face. Massage for a good 20-30 seconds, rinse off with warm water and then PAT your face dry.

Step Three: Moisturiser
Complete your skin care routine with a light skin soothing moisturizer. This is a crucial step, as it adds hydration to your skin whilst also applying ingredients that stop further water loss.

There are LOTS of moisturisers you can choose from. Seriously, it is a mine field of options. Companies advertising moisturisers for young skin, old skin, acne prone skin, sensitive skin, male skin and the one I love the most – the ‘anti-aging’ moisturiser (moisturising your skin, regardless of the product, helps prevent premature aging!). A lot of the skin care world is full of marketing BS. That’s why SBK has chosen to keep it simple.

The SBK moisturiser is a great all rounder. Fine for ALL skin types, all ages and all genders – but particularly great for anyone with sensitive skin. It may not be your preferred colour or texture though, which is totally fine! Skin care is as much about preference as with need.


How to use:

After applying any serums – if using – massage 2-3 pumps of moisturiser into your face, ensuring to also include your eye area.

Follow on with a sunscreen in the morning and consider following on with a night balm at night.

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